Sunday, 16 August 2015

Ubiquitous - Language can include Computing Jargon, Programme names, Company Names etc

ubiquitous - Google Search

The Internet of Things (on the above link)

Note: (NB)

Psychologically testing INTERACTIVE MEDIA where the Radio or TV reacts like facebook pages adding info into lyrics to try to control you as a responder to adverts. ...used to be called Brainwashing.

It's Sending you to your SuperEgo all the time instead of being your own self and/or Ego. A constructive criticism ability has to be encouraged to counteract being pushed to think against normality. Normality is where there is no reach from Electrically Processed Information. Existing in GreenSpace without a mobile phone for at least half a day a week helps.

You may then find 'thinking' and 'Logic' possible and 'Meditating' can give your brain a rest.

In the UK Citizens have freedom of Speech and do not all sing from the same 'hymnsheet' and its not a personality fault or a deviant thought process - its the natural human condition. They can develop as Individuals including in Religious matters and have a division of Religion and State. Hence the Internet, particularly games social media and business areas online are popular. Decency is accepted as the norm.

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