Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Looking back to 2007 We hardly had Facebook even then - so many set up hassles then - full blogpost soon

There were hassles with a paid website and design site, that was followed with problems with Vistaprint which were eventually resolved - that meant making two sets of websites and having to move away from them which was time consuming and proved expensive.  The Carphone Warehouse bought up AmericaOnline in the UK (a supposedly safe paid for web-browser) they sent out cd's to upgrade - through the post - and managed to take around 90,000 peoples email address info.  More later - it was worse etc.

In short - the Android has just been set up to work successfully with all the online info, mostly via email and a couple of apps - it should not be down and not working and there must be a way to recover it.  A backup goes out each evening and there is some info that is on a remote disc so hopefully it can be back running as it means i can be mobile and not stuck to one place.

A tad worried about the sites that have been created profiles on etc etc.

Very conscious about being really careful of the online virtual assistant links.

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