Monday, 2 November 2015

Still looking for a better Talking Avatar!

and also been on a training course.... the other strands are slowly taking off and the planning is working but its a long slow process.

Adding another Dimension - a PAYE Green Environment Role 4 days per week ...

To complement the QAAConfidence strands of Self Employment as a Sole Trader (which is ongoing) there's another 'strand' with an Environment kind of linked PAYE Role being added for 4 days per week to balance incomings and outgoings ... there's lots of potential in all the strands and hopefully with some careful planning this micro sole trader part time business can also find some suitable funding for courses ...   There has been lots of effort in various strands-segments in the set up process and some are working and some need tweaking ... but in the interests of keeping afloat and being successful its wise to find something that will provide security for as long as possible - time will tell.