Friday, 28 October 2016

New BTEC Biz Opportunities and new online agency

Messages sent

* (Mr G) outgoing message 09:48 
* (Mrs T) outgoing message 09:48 
*(Mrs J) incoming message 08:15 
* (Mr B) outgoing message 27/10/2016 
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References chased, and received including updated Return to Teaching Certificate.

Probs with students looking for a tutor with either an incorrect search ie Bus Studies when they need Computer Studies (undergrad fresher ESOL) and an external student mixing up course syllabus and examination for a different examination board where the exam course is now almost out of date (ie only one retake possible for an entire ALevel course)

Researching and making lesson plans for BTech Business Studies.

Also hoping the Derbyshire local but not online tutorin agency are recommending tutees again this Autumn.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Info freelance-p/t jobs ncc training


Imdeed appn wouldnt send!!

Found a similar job on another job website
and applied

Continuing Registration Additional Online Tutoring Website

DBS still to send


Corporate info collection

Why arent there coop retailing colleges

Info job appns Sessional

Info collection local colleges

Info collection Edu Est blogs

Info collection job searches

If freelance tuition improves

Agreement - amendments made before submission

Cancel any time £29 m legal docs

Mutuality of Obligation

More Self Emp v Employee info

Self Employed?

Monday, 17 October 2016

More strands distance learning courses&oq=uk distance learning courses&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l3.12759j0j4&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Contracts, Self Emp or Contract search info employment teaching in college&oq=self employment teaching in college&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i33l3.60288j0j4&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Query ... Become own agency!?

From the * link it seems Pub Liab and other Insurances are a real potential problem.

The procedure to obtain approval involves the completion of a Self Emp Questionnaire by departmental staff. Finance and Business Affairs staff will inform the department after assessing the questionnaire whether gross payment is appropriate. If the matter needs to be referred to HMRC for a ruling the department will be advised. Please be aware that it can take some time for HMRC to respond, depending largely on the complexity of the case.

There are certain key indicators of self-employment that HMRC will normally look at. Self-employment is indicated where:

The individual is able to control not only what work must be done, but also how, where and when.The individual provides the major items of equipment.The individual has to correct unsatisfactory work in his/her own time and at his/her own expense.The individual is free to hire helpers.The individual is contractually obliged to or has the right to provide and pay a substitute.

It should be noted that although many factors are taken into account when looking at whether or not an individual can be classed as self employed, it is not sufficient to simply satisfy the factors listed above.
The individual has to establish to HMRC that they are in business on their own account. Unless there is evidence of financial risk the individual is unlikely to be treated as self employed.

2.7. This system of approval is necessary because the * Tax office insists that it is the nature of the work carried out by the individual and not the status which they have, or claim to have, which dictates whether or not they can be treated as self employed. If the tax office rule that the payment is taxable then * has no choice but to arrange payment through the payroll and incur additional costs of employers National Insurance. This applies irrespective of any letters produced by individuals claiming that they are registered as self-employed whether from other tax offices, firms of accountants or other professional advisers. * will not accept any letters from individuals as proof of self employment.

The following guidelines are based on previous tax office rulings:

any person providing services for mainstream activities such as teaching or lecturing is deemed to be an employee and payments must be routed through the payroll and the appropriate deductions (tax and national insurance) will be taken at source.any person providing temporary or casual technical, secretarial or clerical assistance is deemed to be an employee and payments must be routed through the payroll and the appropriate deductions (tax and national insurance) will be taken at source.  (QUERY ...TEMPs)

Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the * tax office before any invoices are passed for payment.

Requests from all persons who wish to be treated as self-employed will be considered when a fully completed questionnaire is submitted. It will still be necessary in some cases to inform the * tax office of decisions made within Finance and Business Affairs in order to obtain confirmation that they agree with * interpretation of the case. It is at the discretion of the Director of Financial Accounting, Finance and Business Affairs, whether or not a payment can be processed while the necessary information to approve self-employment is obtained. This will be viewed on a case by case basis and will largely depend on the nature of the work carried out and the amount to be paid to the individual.

2.9. Where a person is accepted by * as being self-employed, the following procedures will apply in order to make payment:

Issue official * Purchase Order to confirm the service required. * standard conditions will apply. In particular Departments must not agree to any other non standard payment conditions or penalty clauses.After service has been provided arrange for the individual to submit a formal business invoice, i.e. pre-numbered, preferably pre-printed, containing full business address, brief details of service provided, cross reference to * purchase order and amount due.It is normal practice that the invoice will show the payment due for the work done.The invoice should be processed using the * procedure, in the same way as any other supplier invoice. No Human Resources or Payroll forms should be completed in respect of those approved for self-employment.

-employed persons are responsible for their own public liability and indemnity insurance and are not covered by * policies.

There may be cases where a person has to be treated as an employee for tax purposes but does not otherwise fall into any of the standard * employment categories.

In such cases the procedure to be followed is:

Complete  Form * as and when payments need to be made.

Including personal accident and liability from work completed

We've found 8 quotes from £194.22

Quote ref: B4667777

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Provider Price including Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) 


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10 monthly payments

Total: £234.61



Pay annually


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10 monthly payments

Total: £251.64



Pay annually


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10 monthly payments

Total: £252.61



Pay annually


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10 monthly payments

Total: £267.60



Pay annually


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10 monthly payments

Total: £268.46


 Ageas Optima 

Pay annually


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Total: £268.46



Pay annually


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10 monthly payments

Total: £274.96


Sherwood Based on the details you've given us


Just public liab

We've found 9 quotes from £54.11

Quote ref: B4667836

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Provider Price including Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) 







 Ageas Optima 





















Lexicon Based on the details you've given us, this provider can't provide a quote.

Zurich Based on the details you've given us, this provider can't provide a quote.

Sherwood Based on the details you've given us, this provider can't provide a quote.

Terms of business (applicable to all quotes)

Sunday, 16 October 2016

BTEC HNC & HND level 4 and 5

Becoming a Resource and Diary Blog!

The educational author quest is ongoing

However, its important to pick the topic that will sell, two or three ideas are ongoing and the temptation to sell part of the concept as a resource for possible quick cash has to be ignored.

After all Quality Authoring a Companies Tech Support BSI 5750 manual was not a simple task ...

Quote from the weblink:-

"I think everyone has a book inside them. And every teacher I know has a teaching idea or perspective that deserves to be shared with the world."

Once completed however the resource shop on a teachers website may be more successful than the wrong contract

"Be sure to ask lots of questions about the royalty rate you will receive. There are some publishers (none that are listed above) that will pay teachers a very small flat rate for their book and then the company owns the content and never pays out another dime. You’d do far better selling your book as a PDF on TeachersPayTeachers or TeachersNotebook than taking a flat rate from a big publishing house. Don’t do it! You deserve to earn profits from your book every time it sells–and books in the education genre should continue to sell well for many years."

Cited ...

Further links an education book published&oq=have an education book published&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i33.23870j0j4&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#xxri=1lm

Friday, 14 October 2016

Tutoring Expertise - Pass Education and Skills on

Question - When Theres Unemployment, Why Extend Pension Ages, Unemp or Other Payment v Pension Pay IF= Equalise Age 62 option to 67

A truly incomprehensible change purely for some ulterior motive possibly.

Theres A Need To Bring In More Incomings

Hi-Tech-Gypsy-Which Or Waspi-has-been-Done-my-bit-useful-collaborator-worked-with-high-employee-turnover-downsizing-family-caring

It does of course equal a second class type, but not second class national insurance contributions  ..37 years mostly first class

A New 5second Thought Recording Of new Blog or Article Topics

Check out 'real' authoring (that usually means paid!)


Eg The last piece of the Jigsaw

Ethical Awareness

A Future

Survival is an important factor for Students, and their Teachers or Tutors

Small inconsiderations or problems can have disproportionate consequences.

Awareness is ethical

Above Gold Womens Seats Representation

Covered by many uninformative articles and papers.
Predjudice on Age, Gender, Upbringing ie Class perceptions and possible realities.

Say the correct words ... ...


Communications Expertise areas: Quality, Negotiation and Teaching

Its tremendously difficult to successfully communicate via the phone for varying reasons but from Self Emp to Bureaucrat worker can have serious consequences.

Obtuse is a skill in some career paths or organisations, its rarely used to help or assist.

Meritocracy has only just returned after a number of years with the opposite 'reform' or class-caste creating systems based on old demarcation.

This is not a new area for Qaawyrd to create resources, suffice to know about

a) 'human nature' and

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Awaiting Info

This is not the number of students, at this stage its enquiries. A better takeup level would be helpful.

Quote First Tutors
Please let the tutee know if you may be able to help or not. Thanks. - Messages sent.

OLD (130)

Freelance Tutoring Groups in non LEA, Sixth F Colleges : Q's

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Networks Teaching English

The Uni of Nottingham have a Trainee Teachers network,  latest speaker Sept the Aurhor of:

Textual Intervention, Studying English Language and Literature, and Creativity.

Theres a twitter @LitBritish

Evaluated Working With another Tuition Online Agrncy

Unsuitable online agency for this tutor.

Although lots of online advertising -  payment is via the agency and a week-ten days after tuition sessions less commission. Workrate (and from student reviews) and sanction money penalties plus student money back guarantee.

Similar to freelance several people working on one project and no pay potential.

Checking company info whois, companies house it doesnt function like traditional UK Tuition.

Whois advise a USA based co.

Freelance Agency App x 4 by 5.42am Wednesday

Email conf recd

Updated ie created A Level Eng Lang resource Web-blog

Sunday to Tues
Eng Literature links need adding plus example spec
Schemes of work and planning proforma for tutees Weds.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Q Do Politics Students need Impartial Sponsors who can protect Them

Especially while boundary changes and marginals are evident.

UK topical Politics discussion info, also on qaawyrd.wordpress

New Tutee Confusion

13.00pm strange set of messages from First Tutors and a potential tutee, emails sent.

Alevel Politics

Seen enough of the USA Pres. election debates now after two very late-early live programmes to conclude severe sex discrimination is a tactic to allow one candidate to not discuss party policies.

Twitter and all television programmes, bbc, sky, cnn, euronews however were in overdrive with no understanding of the diversionary tactic, giving credence to the content from the candidate and not the lack of policy details. Quite disturbing media-wise. Euronews did not add a panel of pollsters and further input, and just showed the debate.

The UN site had a very funny infographic on chauvanism tweeted hours before; retweeted qaawyrd and wollaton_nottm.

Sent out wiki info on previous election and govt scandals in the USofA and found a new website and twitter showing european country health service conparisons.

The next debate can be watched at a civilised time.

Theres sufficient info gained to discuss as Eng Lang, Lit, Media Studies, Politics, Gen Studies or Citizenship today should there be any Tutee enquiry.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

A level Resource, Online Tutoring, Freelance Jobs x 5 and Politics Debate

All worked on and the five applications completed by 7.20 am.

The Aqa and Edexcel new politics specification links added to qaawyrd twitter.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Revisiting Freelance and Contract Teaching-Tuition

indeed online jobs (tuition hourly paid) Tes online, cover supervisor, teaching or tutoring even supervisory Part-Time 

Tuition is still ongoing evenings and weekends.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Spotted Wollaton Facebook and Ads

Spotted Wollaton arent posting the ads. May need to set a new Spotted up!

Other ads need clearance from Colleges and taking into noticeboards but New Coll see it as competition.

Schools are more difficult.

Micro Pension

Documents delivered


Annual upkeep first stage completed

Tutoring Enquiries

First Tutors Info

(standard info)

lease click on 'View Messages / Reply' to see further details, create a response and accept or decline this request. Please let the tutee know if you may be able to help or not. Thanks.


CURRENT (9)   OLD (121

Plus 2 declined, too far to travel and Masters in Business tuition. A message was sent offering a) online tuition and b) ESOL if required.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Opportunity applications

Will be easier to plan and apply within timeframes now the new academic year has started

Emails to offline tutor agencies

Onward with Synthetic Phonic Reviews and Resource Writing

and essential everday emails etc

Repetitive Strain and Food Intolerance, Allergy

Are simpler to manage when in the same regular work as a routine and plan plus the funds, salary or wage to buy such things as low chlorine bottled water and fruit juice as well as pay essential additional expenses eg vehicle or home upkeep arent compromised.

Hydrating properly is a must for rsi! First floor living means cold water stored in a tank as well as Cl and Sulphite, Fluoride problems and its just so important for the least circulation hassles if rsi has onset.

A steady, possible and planned work routine with routine food intake with no ingredient changes equals a life where rsi and food intolerance disappear as problematic factors of living.

It also means funds to pay for any heavy work.

How truly disabled or anaphylactic folk cope without possible work and career routines is unthinkable.

Freelance Education work sought

25 applications sent for contract supply work in the hope it can be inland revenue miscellaneous category.

Two interviews for hourly paid tuition, one unsucessful, one resulted in a consultancy-freelance quote.