Monday, 10 October 2016

Alevel Politics

Seen enough of the USA Pres. election debates now after two very late-early live programmes to conclude severe sex discrimination is a tactic to allow one candidate to not discuss party policies.

Twitter and all television programmes, bbc, sky, cnn, euronews however were in overdrive with no understanding of the diversionary tactic, giving credence to the content from the candidate and not the lack of policy details. Quite disturbing media-wise. Euronews did not add a panel of pollsters and further input, and just showed the debate.

The UN site had a very funny infographic on chauvanism tweeted hours before; retweeted qaawyrd and wollaton_nottm.

Sent out wiki info on previous election and govt scandals in the USofA and found a new website and twitter showing european country health service conparisons.

The next debate can be watched at a civilised time.

Theres sufficient info gained to discuss as Eng Lang, Lit, Media Studies, Politics, Gen Studies or Citizenship today should there be any Tutee enquiry.

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