Sunday, 30 July 2017

meanwhile, ict design, virtual office possibilities

pph at £14-15 p month to bid until 2 projects completed,  check paypal if paypal is possible,  they may be after bank info.



Thursday, 27 July 2017

no more blog diary posts for a while, see Design info plans etc

Online Tuition project - sufficient info, new criteria eg There are 2 posts stuck on an app in 'saving' as a draft, and 'publishing. A review table-infographic is needed

3 apps checked,  presumably all will be ok online.
A useful learning 'curve for online tutoring.

sharing textbooks, getting complicated, slideshare?? Copyright?? The online Tuition mosaic puts it kindly. English Tuition, Vids, Online picture books

online tutoring useful info


25% comission

forum based? tutoring by the minute?

Coach,  check avail the blogpost is 2015



search results

Enjoy Education Ltd


Superprof Profile

checking childcare-tuition with EFL ideas , summer english or maths schools EFL in comm cèntres, & Twinkl regn would be useful

£5.84 month

researching advertising

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

1940s 20 year old 'Flapper' women would have 'no quarter'

They knew their mums became imbeciles in the eyes of the law when they married.

New email, lots of @WASPI_campaign documents to complete hoping for a success with Parliament and transitional finacial arrangements for Pensions £12k due to date.

New documents to complete (& theres lots) no chance of any interim pension.

42 years NI paid from working.

Also NHS low pay forms for health and dentistry,   WTC,  hb and ctax,  discounts for utilities forms,  reduce payments forms.

With the pension orriginally promised at age 60,  these forms would not be needed but we arent giving up and this small business can be successful.

Accounts information for QAAConfidence & QAAWyrd Tuition,  bank statement reconciling,  invoicing

This owing pensions to folk born in the 1950s  is no joke and potentialy anti sex discrimination by way of no communication about the changes,  plus we had the '75 Discrimination Act and the pill… seems like mysogeny in a prestbytering format - the plan to just boost the mens pension 'pot'.

Repetitive Strain Injury and timescales

Android tap-tapping takes longer but is sometimes easier on the hands and back. A choice of Android or pc however makes a big improvement.

Thanks to the 3Network,  online business becomes possible as long as bband speeds and availability holds up.

Working on the online and group tuition potential

Can we afford acceptable Ergonomics at home? Whats the potential result or 'balance'

six weeks sch break time for teachers to think theories..num 1 mistake calling 6wk break 'Holidays' it should be 'Working at home weeks' Industry generally have just 2 weeks for Summer Holidays (perception gaps!)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Saturday, 15 July 2017

refresh info



Tuesday, 11 July 2017

added bbc media and itv apps, #WASPI_Campaign too - £11500.00 owed on 42 yrs NI and counting

apps should be good for efl as i tend not to watch the telly most folk do,  i can direct EFL students to sport and possibly local news which should be easier language wise. Definitely not for soaps.

The #WASPI_Campaign is really important,  I should have received £11500 in pension payments to now.

Onwards etc, build the tuition business.

Internet speed and working

The fastest time used to be 3am to 7am but lately that isnt so,  today 5.30am to 11.30am has been ok,  but that cant be tested again until Thurs as the bband provider is working on maintenance tomorrow.

Bureaucracy takes its toll on planning

say no more but its putting plans back.

Backups and new sim with tethering to use the pc to update resources

All setup and working,  quite a stressful change but one thats been planned. Now exam season is completed theres time to reflect evolve and begin the EFL to keep English skills for students.

All take time and planning and resources plus admin to keep on track to ensure tuition is all year round.

Ongoing resource making

New history web-blog-intranet

in the design phase to be ready for September

Monday, 10 July 2017

An hour a day Literacy and Numeracy online possible project

Checking the VAT situation if more than one student at a time,  or planning local groups

Then theres the content planning.

ongoing project catch-up reading, Phonics become Analytic but should Synthetic Phonics be repeated instead?


Google Books



Analytic? Onsett and Rime


planning includes looking for the best info to work with over years


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Post from 10-07-17 that went to Draft, internet bband probs… ...reviewing new potential online profile pages, checking carefully as id and quals are required


one i have used a few years ago (but the web address name is misleading for supplementing lea school students)


possible link up with the tutors association (fees and return info)

specific esl online tuition sites,  the British Council is a good start point.

Its necessary to avoid the online agencies who ask for commission on every tuition hour unless they are local.

Friday, 7 July 2017


Useful insights below (altered slightly for privacy reasons)

I find the LEA 'moving supply and contract staff on' bureaucratic paperwork onslaught just after exam time is really stressful just as it all looks bleak for the summertime. The renewal paperwork,  at a time when landlords are moving students on until next September or final uni students moved on all together or prevented from staying locally is not something established Tutors should be caught up in. Its inevitable however that we are.

The online agencies could help by having a 'how many years tutoring in this area' information.

Exam time is so stressful and when Specifications are changing its even more so.

The insightful quote:-

"I tutor full time. GCSE science. I've been doing it for years now. Coming in to the exam season I find I tutor about 30 to 35 hours a week. The last exams are today and I am absolutely shattered. Banking as much money as I can in my busy couple of months and take the summer off is not how it goes. My house is a mess, my freezer empty, my children wild. If I am to be super-professional and organised in September, I've a lot to do. I also sort out my lesson bank, make sure my past papers are in order, do my accounts, and briefly become a lady wot lunches until my own children break up from school