Tuesday, 25 July 2017

New email, lots of @WASPI_campaign documents to complete hoping for a success with Parliament and transitional finacial arrangements for Pensions £12k due to date.


New documents to complete (& theres lots) no chance of any interim pension.

42 years NI paid from working.

Also NHS low pay forms for health and dentistry,   WTC,  hb and ctax,  discounts for utilities forms,  reduce payments forms.

With the pension orriginally promised at age 60,  these forms would not be needed but we arent giving up and this small business can be successful.

Accounts information for QAAConfidence & QAAWyrd Tuition,  bank statement reconciling,  invoicing

This owing pensions to folk born in the 1950s  is no joke and potentialy anti sex discrimination by way of no communication about the changes,  plus we had the '75 Discrimination Act and the pill… seems like mysogeny in a prestbytering format - the plan to just boost the mens pension 'pot'.

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