QAAWyrdRubric - the Collection

It's sad that all the online profiles and info mean vastly differing visual input and not a coherent design, however no-one expects an Intranet to be a single theme - so this is the Intranet equivalent.

I liked the first theme that I found - but without being able to change the blogpost background colour it was not suitable - a shame because it was savvy!!  The Second theme was cool too - although the post pics were hidden.  Several themes have been tried - Visual (too black although quite awesome), Gateway - the posts weren't in columns and Apostrophe which had the three columns but the pictures didn't show in the posts - cool for privacy but not so cool for a collection of information.

The search for a savvy cool web theme continues....


and finally

As much as four column themes are really cool - the background colour couldn't be changed.  


To find the theme choices its simpler to google themes and the search option with choices can be found.

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