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Top 6 Practices For Rapid eLearning Tools

Top 6 Practices For Rapid eLearning Tools


Top 10 Tips To Give Your Existing eLearning Course A Modern Makeover

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Most valuable 'lesson' 'learning curve' from Casual Work

That the expenses are delayed, that the expense rate for travel may hardly cover ensuring the tyres are at the correct pressure ... depending on the miles travelled ... that there could be outgoings for eight weeks before expenses paid ... that its not possible to make employers understand that parking eye is to prevent the employees from parking in the customer car park ... and lots of other inputs that can bring down self employment - perhipheral, supply and contract workers and not the least of these complying with the Highway Code and Road Safety.

That creating a cash flow forecast on the worst case scenario is probably a must before taking on any casual, perhipheral, supply etc work as that is most likely to happen - plus more unexpected hiccups.

This includes the contract for resources to be made for dodgy places offered by a local college which could have compromised personal safety.

There are some very dodgy practices in the big wide employment world in the UK at the moment.  Its one thing to be savvy as HR but there are ethics and good practice and H&S issues etc. that should be honoured.

First Tutors Profile is active again

The Profile on First Tutors is active again

BizEd website is no longer available

Maybe an opportunity to make a simpler but effective website - all the input would need some careful market research.

Self Employed Opportunity turned to PAYE - Temporary

The opportunity was not so much of an opportunity more a test of endurance - however from the temporary weeks its going to be possible to make a Direct Sales-Recruiting Case Study resource with all kinds of budgeting, forecast and actual, cash flow and break even resources regarding HR and payment of expenses to temporary, contracted, supply workers.  Human Resource Planning etc.  Also personal budgeting, compliance with statute laws and Health and Safety.  The Company will of course have a fictitious name.

Supply of Labour Economics?

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Hectic project went awry too

For a totally unsuitable 'Company' and the College would not let me call the files International - there are some things that should not be set up as wild goose-chases for politics and the Academic world locally in a College should have known better - Freelance is full of obstacles ...

Sadly ... probs

Guess who made a wrong judgement with some of the carry kit from the environment job - resulting in all the temporary/probationary weeks in jeopardy ... surely its temporary if there's no pay if you are poorly ... 37 years Nat Ins, a small own business and all in the balance for one minute not thinking...