Thursday, 27 August 2015


Checked a few Affiliate account possibilities - and sent emails regarding my small web-blog

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

There's a portfolio of documents and info to be created which will take ages

Creating a Portfolio for the Freelancing - plus ensuring Security of both info and equipment.

Some elements are already in progress and have been for some time - on the Tourism link there's a blog that I created some time ago - it has a more modern theme and really is the way I would like the QAAconfidence Sole Trader Co. (mustn't call it a micro company!) to go eventually but these things take time to put together and the startup had to happen very quickly to resolve some issues.

This blog started off as a private 'not for others' blog.  It needs the name changing across to reflect the blog title - a task that is quite easy and wont take many minutes or data time.  

some elements of this start-up process can't be included in the diary - for reasons of privacy and pure common sense and yet the temptation is to throw caution to the winds and create a true diary with no exceptions for personal reflection and improvement.

It would be really cool to be able to have areas of the blog private and yet still have some pages public.

August Bank Holiday looming at the Weekend means Tourism - a week of Tourism input

Photo's, Facebook and Twitter input !

... and as that leads into the School Term starting again - there is lots to sort on a Child Care Over8s and Tutoring.

The Amway Direct Sales definitely need some input

Lots of background sorting techie tidying

Lots of email writing

Lots of consolidating online profiles -

but making some money has to become the most important focus... and the pool of Freelancing folk has just kept on growing with sites and info so all input so far has to be checked to make sure its perfect.

Just need to go to the Beach!


A few more

A Tad surreal - checking some old artwork

Transferring a few Photos

The photo in the last pic doesn't have people who are known to the photographer in the frame and the pic was taken some years ago.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday is a free day - to catch up with all kinds of things ... Sunday of course is a day tuition can take place

So we checked the tweetdeck and solved some problems, looked at all kinds of website to try and resolve why the android smart phone wont read the app - after trying a couple of phone shops one of whom thinks its the sim card, and one where they believe the phone needs flashing to factory resets - both options seem a bit excessive as the failure happened after trying to download instagram from the google play site (having deleted a few apps for room on the phone memory) presumably one of these options has to happen - or a minor miracle following appeals to google who have sent security info ... possibly even trying to connect to local transport wifi could be part of the prob...

not the best day ...

There is an old Google profile to add - and chasing Freelancer work will depend on the smartphone repair and a couple of other hassles.

The Google plus and circles application -social media sharing concept needs lots of work, its quite cool from the Android as you can post without lots of hassle directly to circles but from the pc its eating data...

Sorting Tweet Deck - and finding it only works with Internet Explorer and not Chome - something to do with the java info that is no longer working with chrome I think

Found useful info on here, I can add it to rss hopefully here too.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Maybe a more up to date Avatar - where's a Free one? or a Flicker Vid !!

Sorting soon ...

Couldn't Resist it - and cant be monetised so its a tad out of the new philosophy ...

but another 15 mins wont make a dint in the plans ...

Part of the Q50Nottm series - how are we going to survive as women, having to work now to 67 - when the world knows that pension schemes end women's employment and start paying at 60??

We know the kids aren't worried, or the young employees etc etc the Management think it's funny and that there's someone with a more sensible pension (male) just coming up to retirement age who we can rely on ... how silly

Nottingham East Midlands is traditionally 'Light Engineering' when it comes to manufacturing (where the money really is North of the Home Counties) and everyone is on their own Salary - no family Salaries to speak of.

So heres   with Boardwalk Theme.

The Pics and the Posts need tweaking - decisions on whether to have the info on the post or make pics, images with block colour at the top for the Post info!!

Edits for another day...

Freelancing - should be Direct Sales day but circumstances ...

have created a pretty important upset in focusing on this nano-company and bringing in some money... its not unusual when working as a New Business Finance Manager there were all kinds of rules on Leasing Office Equipment to 'new companies' why should support folk run any different kind of rules.

HOWEVER, the Freelancing is kind of in place and may save the day - but timings for working are going to be important - and reading reviews of the companies, treading carefully is paramount.

To stay on track while the rest of the info that needs to be put together is rattling around awaiting logical formating - Art is a good solace.

Making a set of Stationary and some logo style artwork for timings has resulted in around 7 hours.
whilst the programme/s being used are familiar and there are no learning issues, the manipulating colours can take ages ... and using my own style is always too fussy and twee for the majority of folk!

So... keeping a focus on what's what...

and resisting the temptation to make a blog called CreekandPaddle   is made in around 15mins to showcase 'stuff' and plan for some teaching basic classes.


Click on the Circle (Post's)


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Minor Tweak

A minor Improvement - the left hand border!  Before the Flyer-Poster had a bendy left border optical illusion because the white background was the same as the post background!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

New Poster on QAA-Confidence Blogspot - and still Smartphone hassles!

Problematic day

The Poster needed a frame around it - and my fav framing app is on the android --

A timetable must include some space for sorting problems.

Looking back to 2007 We hardly had Facebook even then - so many set up hassles then - full blogpost soon

There were hassles with a paid website and design site, that was followed with problems with Vistaprint which were eventually resolved - that meant making two sets of websites and having to move away from them which was time consuming and proved expensive.  The Carphone Warehouse bought up AmericaOnline in the UK (a supposedly safe paid for web-browser) they sent out cd's to upgrade - through the post - and managed to take around 90,000 peoples email address info.  More later - it was worse etc.

In short - the Android has just been set up to work successfully with all the online info, mostly via email and a couple of apps - it should not be down and not working and there must be a way to recover it.  A backup goes out each evening and there is some info that is on a remote disc so hopefully it can be back running as it means i can be mobile and not stuck to one place.

A tad worried about the sites that have been created profiles on etc etc.

Very conscious about being really careful of the online virtual assistant links.

Have a Student on the First Tutors interested, hope its genuine and not a dodgy website etc

In 2015 the normal way of finding stuff is online so have to go with the online profiles and websites or make my own - but the search is always going to bring up the agency type info and they look more professional because they are curating lots of tutors etc.

Think someone-thing is ghosting the cursor on the laptop - resolving asap

android smartphone probs - is it because it connected to the bus wifi briefly on Monday - hoping I can resolve it

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

More Content Curating Options

Protect Images

Google and Beebom info

Image Search Reaearch Info


TinEye API - Reverse Image Search

Free Non-Commercial option:

Next Task: Assessing Image and Designs

OK - designing using Serif programmes and their Digikits by including personally designed elements and taking photo's and using those should prevent copyright issues.

Researching an image search comparison website ...


Content Curating

Exam Board links on Qaawyrd.wordpress

Several pages with just the links, but is the best way of curating the info: and then rss leads can go on the appropriate rss feed link website.

The Qaawyrd Menu needs sorting next.

A Pearl shared from Next Mobile Browser

Search | Pearltrees 【from Next Browser】

Obviously Profiles are at stages of registration, colours can't be made in line with the Sole Trader Co, and the Peal will continue to evolve.

An hour out of Tutoring work

Back to checking what happened to the Avid theme

To do list, weekend.

Themes often are unlike their demo pics

These arent, these do what they display easily. Triton Lite and Mystique

An hour for two screen pics, Frames, Links & posting

The Internet isn't particularly slow at the monent: but one blog was marked private and had to be changed.

The Catgories to think about

Some of ...


Two info collecting blogs, created for Local Area Info 2011-ish

Focus now back to Tuition

All Specifications need checking and refreshing or learning

Have a small Artpad

Serif Craft Artist, PagePlus, WebPlus, PhotoPlus are inexpensive and awesome

Luckily these were bought in the last phase and updated and are more or less second nature to use.

Photo Collections are expensive.

MySpace, SoundCloud etc waiting - late Autumn

Freelancing looks cool but needs thought- thinking space, Analysing, Evaluating

Twitter Philosophteabk password sorted

A  lighthearted twitter probably to go with keepingupfinethingsqaa

Lunchtime sales plan possibly

A suite of web-blogs to tidy the almost Intranet thats in progress

Updated Patternweft and Weavewyrd

Phone memory checked and space sorted

Weekend just gone, local tourism updates

Tried to download Instagram to the Smartphone

It doesnt want to download, even with 45Mb free ph space

7Gb in 18 days

Trend Hunter Registration made

Checking for Freelancer research ie make logo - its important not to duplicate

Paperli First view checked t&c

Power Point Water Quality

People Per Hour resolved and approved

Sunday, 16 August 2015

One of the Wyrd new concepts :- Adverts by location

Key Skills, Communication and ICT, Problem Solving


Ubiquitous - Language can include Computing Jargon, Programme names, Company Names etc

ubiquitous - Google Search

The Internet of Things (on the above link)

Note: (NB)

Psychologically testing INTERACTIVE MEDIA where the Radio or TV reacts like facebook pages adding info into lyrics to try to control you as a responder to adverts. ...used to be called Brainwashing.

It's Sending you to your SuperEgo all the time instead of being your own self and/or Ego. A constructive criticism ability has to be encouraged to counteract being pushed to think against normality. Normality is where there is no reach from Electrically Processed Information. Existing in GreenSpace without a mobile phone for at least half a day a week helps.

You may then find 'thinking' and 'Logic' possible and 'Meditating' can give your brain a rest.

In the UK Citizens have freedom of Speech and do not all sing from the same 'hymnsheet' and its not a personality fault or a deviant thought process - its the natural human condition. They can develop as Individuals including in Religious matters and have a division of Religion and State. Hence the Internet, particularly games social media and business areas online are popular. Decency is accepted as the norm.


Is not in the Webster Dictionary

Contentious is in the Mirriam Webster

In the UK it could also (a lateral thought) potentially mean raising a Lord to the Peerage! (remotely possible, a Lady aka MPs Euro MPs maybe)

Are Ordinary People Uncontentious if they pretend to be Robots?

Or is this just a Scientific Management, 1950s viewpoint?

Specifications and Trialing Virtual Assistant work - next phase.

An Internet Biz 'Skeleton' is in place

Now the simple Sketeton of an online presence has been made (and its unlikely potential customers will go elsewhere as the business is in reality locally based) - while working on the Business and it's strands, threads, a 'Beautifying' design process can start for set hours of the week as a background task, hopefully with a realistic timeframe.

The internet presence with a few tweaks may bring in a small income stream.

Fresh Air is Important.

May make a hubpage with discourse - content from my own perception after evaluating its potential and if its worthwhile, but until then any more info in this commenting on the present circumstance and maybe an Economy and Politics viewpoint will go to

My brand is one that stays 'real' and can assess brands, even multi musician groups, genres with different identities (most folk understand game playing and avatars)

Is it 14.51, 10.16 or Local time in another zone? 10.11?

Seriously for the shelves in the Internet Browser Companies in their location and then search engine optimisation, which time you work to could matter.  Just accessing bband etc.

How much are Local Communities and online or genre networks a market?

Working on it!

Niche's are International

And its not a contradiction in terms.

Craft Online Hobby Style but the Program Makers and Affiliates are big business.

Serif Craft Artist and Daisytrail Online

Checking on an old Squidoo - now Hub Pages

Hubpages are automatically monetised like Squidoo pages were.

Creating an Intranet!

Simply because missing essential info could be disasterous in Sole Trader terms, after being a New Business Office Leasing Products Finance Manager in 1981-3 the philosophy was no lending to anyone in business less than 2 years, no finance for Personal Computing - and setting a hurdle, a barrier that was difficult to successfully pass. The simple fact was 'Big Business' won and Councils wanted the ordinary person in PAYE work with contributions.

Taking away the Social Security element of a Community will not promote successful Self Employment or Sole Traders.

The Sole Trader aim is usually in a Trade and one to create a lifestyle, but in 2015, to research and set up info collecting real time online (its not real time otherwise) and a Social Media network and ecommerce start-up is time consuming. To keep up with changing Govt policies (local became volunteer for benefits for example as cuts to budgets happened-are happening but this is dependent on the Private Sector employees and businesses paying in). Changes in policies and information from a focus on Individual Rights to the Macro viewpoint and no other considerations, possibly investment driven.

Social Media to compete.

Soft Trades are more dependent than businesses such as Hairdressing or Garage Mechanics (but they are swallowed by money for petrol going to Supermarket chains).

Can Local Trade and a re-emergence of a Multiplier (£5 in a local area that stays out of the bank and makes Severn transactions locally, can be worth £35.00 to the local Community).

If in a marginal MP area, can Sole Traders survive political 'machinations' particularly if those MPs are on their way to high office, or obscurity and worse potentially vengeful tactics?

How do the Midlands Areas survive not being London, the North West or Scotland? A form of Unincorporated status aka N.America, USA either party political style would be disasterous.

Unemployed and no Social Security, Pensions disallowed, loans dried up are potentially on the horizon.

An Intranet with a 21st Century focus and worldwide comparisons and real time updates might illuminate some alternative, creative, innovative solutions.

Sole Traders are not necessarily easy pickings or without networks.

Amendments in 2015 mostly about overseas sellers.

Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tuition and Over8s ChildCare are arranged in person. Direct Sales have the parent co online info, Virtual Assistant needs checking - partic the non UK ones, most will use disclaimers.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Powerpoint Presentation

Made for Direct Sales.

Papermine Lookbooks

Found via twitter, a flip pdf booklet supa cool.
Useful for marketing, but the full membership is expensive. There is a free version.

Freelancer and Freelancer net added

Support from Freelancer is real time.

Freelancer net is UK based and a bid has been sent.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Virtual Assistant - Evaluation

Checking the many Virtual Assistant Online websites offering work by the hour or contract.

Finding many have their latest entries some months ago.

Chose People Per Hour - and completed a profile which is now awaiting their approval.

Careful monitoring will be needed for a short while to ensure that everything is ok and payments are made and nothing is dodgy.  Its practical to sort the work for only UK information as others may incur laws that are different to the UK.

Virtual-Real Assistant evolving

Are online surveys worthwhile? Planning who to contact, would local tourism places be interested? Create a Twitter ecard? Vistaprint Cards? Last day for offer via??? Fleet Tutor Regn

Direct Sales

Linking the resources and contacting potential outlets, emails, checking new twitter followers from an enquiry on ou-dilydaydream.

ChildCare Over8s online Profiles

Wednesday - updating and ensuring the Profiles are running online.

Resources, Specifications and Direct Sales Links

Focusing on Tourism and Business Studies, lots of reading, lots of finding contacts and putting it all into focus.

Recap Key Stage info, revisiting Business Studies Specifications.

Creating a 'setting up and understanding Tourism in the EMids and surrounding areas' resource blog.

Finding info from 2007-2010 particularly contacts.

Preparing a collection of Info to help with Direct Selling for Amway products.

Creating two further ChildCare Over8s online Profiles.

Resource made since Tues 11th.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Let me Update Pages from a Smart Phone!

That sinking feeling, its late- very late, or early (but thats for folk who have been to sleep awhile) and you just check the blogpage edit - to see if it looks nice kk - and eek the last edit didnt make it to the blogging mainframe shelf with your name on it!! The smartphone just cant update pages ... (smug ..wordpress can but u cant Monetise!

The rat-race folk won't understand ... all should have been sorted, u jus know u double checked  ..

The Sky kids meanwhile - those brought up with the Spice Girls and Disney telly just know the update is still parked on a stripey deckchair on the beach in Hawaii!!

As a parent whose older I also know about 'Oufful Dust' and Telly TV Town where nothing is real and everything is fake and pretend and they think loo rolls and washing up bottles are toys!! I ask u - and those mean Skittles (old folks kids telly - The Skittles family of woodentops were baddies) are mean - I know this  because of Sooty and Sweep and their comics, (no offence I like sizzly sausages) and then there's Mr Mayor ... Another form of Make-believe that involves posh coats, gold chains, posh building steps and funny goings on that can make you laugh for days. No Offence etc etc

Life may resume normal service (a good friend once upon a time Ms Normal - another story)

Nothing surprises ... Its just the internet phasing ... and out with the messages on the bus-stop broadband ...the next bus is at ... that or the radio announcements will probably arrive on the blog because of AScii or Universal Code

Sigh ...

FourSquare or real??

And will someone tell the American twit that there are 'interesting' folk from S America and he really should get an untwisted lifestyle or an antidote as he just might be biting off more than ...

Chewbacca!! Another lateral link...

Aug 10-11 2015

Template Colours

Transferring the Word Cover Page and Page Layout Colours to Serif Page Plus took a while - to get them exact the RGB numbers had to be added by hand - but it's worth it as once its completed the template colour palette is saved and there for all documents.

Nottingham Tutoring - QAA Wyrd Tutoring - Tutoring

This link is unlikely to be added to the main web-blog unless there is a page link just for my Tuition Micro Business (A strand of QAA-Confidence)

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Classroom Voki

I made a Talking Avatar for one of the Tutoring Agencies The code needs to go in a widget - 10 mins it will be there. 01.02am 07 Aug 2015. There's a possible online classroom here - for interactive whiteboards and web-blogs-websites to connect with students online presumably - to be sure I must evaluate the info.

I just made a new Voki. See it here:

I just made a new Voki. See it here::

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Advert looking for a Volunteer team - to start with

The aim is to find people who are keen to perhaps learn something about business, maybe students, or mums who are at home but want to keep work focused and from a volunteer base (its wrong to raise expectations when there is little cash flow around) build a team that can bring in some self employed commissions. There are lots of opportunities to make appointments and visit small biz owners and interview them to see if there is any potential for them too. Cascade info - Friends, Relatives, Organisations, Groups, Social contacts

Micro Business Opportunities - Amway

Edit personal page | Amway

QAA-Confidence so far - In Pearltrees

Profile First Tutors

Profiles being created with online Agencies - There are around four really good one, and References have to be submitted and checked. Already there are enquiries coming in.

Pay Pal Invoicing sorted

Poster Cards from Vistaprint Designed

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Qaawyrd Tuition - Lots of effort to tidyup the Internet Search page results

A Less Important task than Joining Online Agencies and sorting other
biz 'threads' and actually Tutoring, Direct Selling, Sorting Affiliates etc - and so the unrequested info will laze around on google search results for a while. One low priority task each day!!

More pics needed to brighten the blog!

App made or photo's or even tuition linked vids.

Qaawyrd Tutoring Nottingham - Some Really Annoying uncalled for Links esp Old Info and not registered - others welcome and requested

Nearyou never registered old info needs an email sending

192 recent info acceptable - was careful with other profiles.

Social Mention never registered needs email

Directory Independent never registered needs email

Twicsy never registered twitter pic trawl needs email

Wollaton West recent search info never registered needs email sending

CityLocal never registered needs email

Registered, recently updated needs more info

TheSun never registered not on their list needs email

Scoot never registered, have emailed and received reply

b4r never registered needs whois google search as no links

Plan4direct searchb never registered needs querying

x-reviews searchbot never registd needs updating-query

Tutorhub - email accept qaawyrd minimum 4 lessons contract?

GB Co's searchbot needs updating

Advertising - yell directory

Amazon Associates - One reason to use Blogger!

Just received the ok email - which has taken a few days, not too long. Associates Central

Ok its just the way the Internet is ...

Searching and staying up to date ideally should be more than a one-person micro co.

Google Terms

Google Support to keep your info safe

Contacting websites that aren't recognised to change or amend or delete info

Monday, 3 August 2015