Friday, 21 August 2015

Freelancing - should be Direct Sales day but circumstances ...

have created a pretty important upset in focusing on this nano-company and bringing in some money... its not unusual when working as a New Business Finance Manager there were all kinds of rules on Leasing Office Equipment to 'new companies' why should support folk run any different kind of rules.

HOWEVER, the Freelancing is kind of in place and may save the day - but timings for working are going to be important - and reading reviews of the companies, treading carefully is paramount.

To stay on track while the rest of the info that needs to be put together is rattling around awaiting logical formating - Art is a good solace.

Making a set of Stationary and some logo style artwork for timings has resulted in around 7 hours.
whilst the programme/s being used are familiar and there are no learning issues, the manipulating colours can take ages ... and using my own style is always too fussy and twee for the majority of folk!

So... keeping a focus on what's what...

and resisting the temptation to make a blog called CreekandPaddle   is made in around 15mins to showcase 'stuff' and plan for some teaching basic classes.


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