Sunday, 9 August 2015

Let me Update Pages from a Smart Phone!

That sinking feeling, its late- very late, or early (but thats for folk who have been to sleep awhile) and you just check the blogpage edit - to see if it looks nice kk - and eek the last edit didnt make it to the blogging mainframe shelf with your name on it!! The smartphone just cant update pages ... (smug ..wordpress can but u cant Monetise!

The rat-race folk won't understand ... all should have been sorted, u jus know u double checked  ..

The Sky kids meanwhile - those brought up with the Spice Girls and Disney telly just know the update is still parked on a stripey deckchair on the beach in Hawaii!!

As a parent whose older I also know about 'Oufful Dust' and Telly TV Town where nothing is real and everything is fake and pretend and they think loo rolls and washing up bottles are toys!! I ask u - and those mean Skittles (old folks kids telly - The Skittles family of woodentops were baddies) are mean - I know this  because of Sooty and Sweep and their comics, (no offence I like sizzly sausages) and then there's Mr Mayor ... Another form of Make-believe that involves posh coats, gold chains, posh building steps and funny goings on that can make you laugh for days. No Offence etc etc

Life may resume normal service (a good friend once upon a time Ms Normal - another story)

Nothing surprises ... Its just the internet phasing ... and out with the messages on the bus-stop broadband ...the next bus is at ... that or the radio announcements will probably arrive on the blog because of AScii or Universal Code

Sigh ...

FourSquare or real??

And will someone tell the American twit that there are 'interesting' folk from S America and he really should get an untwisted lifestyle or an antidote as he just might be biting off more than ...

Chewbacca!! Another lateral link...

Aug 10-11 2015

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