Sunday, 16 August 2015

Creating an Intranet!

Simply because missing essential info could be disasterous in Sole Trader terms, after being a New Business Office Leasing Products Finance Manager in 1981-3 the philosophy was no lending to anyone in business less than 2 years, no finance for Personal Computing - and setting a hurdle, a barrier that was difficult to successfully pass. The simple fact was 'Big Business' won and Councils wanted the ordinary person in PAYE work with contributions.

Taking away the Social Security element of a Community will not promote successful Self Employment or Sole Traders.

The Sole Trader aim is usually in a Trade and one to create a lifestyle, but in 2015, to research and set up info collecting real time online (its not real time otherwise) and a Social Media network and ecommerce start-up is time consuming. To keep up with changing Govt policies (local became volunteer for benefits for example as cuts to budgets happened-are happening but this is dependent on the Private Sector employees and businesses paying in). Changes in policies and information from a focus on Individual Rights to the Macro viewpoint and no other considerations, possibly investment driven.

Social Media to compete.

Soft Trades are more dependent than businesses such as Hairdressing or Garage Mechanics (but they are swallowed by money for petrol going to Supermarket chains).

Can Local Trade and a re-emergence of a Multiplier (£5 in a local area that stays out of the bank and makes Severn transactions locally, can be worth £35.00 to the local Community).

If in a marginal MP area, can Sole Traders survive political 'machinations' particularly if those MPs are on their way to high office, or obscurity and worse potentially vengeful tactics?

How do the Midlands Areas survive not being London, the North West or Scotland? A form of Unincorporated status aka N.America, USA either party political style would be disasterous.

Unemployed and no Social Security, Pensions disallowed, loans dried up are potentially on the horizon.

An Intranet with a 21st Century focus and worldwide comparisons and real time updates might illuminate some alternative, creative, innovative solutions.

Sole Traders are not necessarily easy pickings or without networks.

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