Wednesday, 26 August 2015

There's a portfolio of documents and info to be created which will take ages

Creating a Portfolio for the Freelancing - plus ensuring Security of both info and equipment.

Some elements are already in progress and have been for some time - on the Tourism link there's a blog that I created some time ago - it has a more modern theme and really is the way I would like the QAAconfidence Sole Trader Co. (mustn't call it a micro company!) to go eventually but these things take time to put together and the startup had to happen very quickly to resolve some issues.

This blog started off as a private 'not for others' blog.  It needs the name changing across to reflect the blog title - a task that is quite easy and wont take many minutes or data time.  

some elements of this start-up process can't be included in the diary - for reasons of privacy and pure common sense and yet the temptation is to throw caution to the winds and create a true diary with no exceptions for personal reflection and improvement.

It would be really cool to be able to have areas of the blog private and yet still have some pages public.

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