Friday, 21 August 2015

Couldn't Resist it - and cant be monetised so its a tad out of the new philosophy ...

but another 15 mins wont make a dint in the plans ...

Part of the Q50Nottm series - how are we going to survive as women, having to work now to 67 - when the world knows that pension schemes end women's employment and start paying at 60??

We know the kids aren't worried, or the young employees etc etc the Management think it's funny and that there's someone with a more sensible pension (male) just coming up to retirement age who we can rely on ... how silly

Nottingham East Midlands is traditionally 'Light Engineering' when it comes to manufacturing (where the money really is North of the Home Counties) and everyone is on their own Salary - no family Salaries to speak of.

So heres   with Boardwalk Theme.

The Pics and the Posts need tweaking - decisions on whether to have the info on the post or make pics, images with block colour at the top for the Post info!!

Edits for another day...

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