Monday, 12 October 2015

Book Writing - Typing

Complementary strands to a small enterprise...

Maybe write a book as we go along - on various topics, some historical and personal, some subject resource orientated, some creative - just a few hundred words each day with the intention of some kind of insight or auto biography or family info or just a fiction novel ....a series of short stories with characters real but altered  ...


The First weekend in October has been a busy one sorting a Scheme of Work on a Freelance contract - forwarded and a good feedback ready to start on the lesson plans (15 x 30 hours) after a good interview and discussion initially to set up the parameters of the contract at the college premises all seemed well ...the whole scheme from the College side left questions as to whether the initiative had arisen from a student or the College.

Quote from the Feedback form ...

Really great unit – Love the us e of fictional companies to engage and enthuse the students
 Quality seems good with some outstanding features

To then find a contract is sent with no Company Registration information and as soon as information is requested and declarations made regarding other Freelance Work - the whole situation is reversed and all work cancelled made the student setting up some HNC project seem more likely ...

Discussions and dodgy contracts are going to be a part and parcel of Freelance Work no doubt, but when its a local company and you have visited them to discuss issues and felt there was room for clarification and assurance and these have not been forthcoming - it does leave a lot of work completed with no recompense.

Other Tuition requests have gone well with two visits for agreement signing.  The Tuition Agencies are bringing in quite a lot of offers and it would seem the rates set are too high so this must be changed - not so easy online when the online agency will not allow rate changing with open discussions from tutees - and there are 24 of those to close either with or without meetings before rates can be altered.

The Child Care Over 8s has had a few enquiries which is promising and sadly the Direct Sales have to wait - because of the Freelance work - but there are enquiries for other sales people on the Gumtree advert.

All appears to be going to plan - with an additional strand of an application or two for part-time work which provided two sets of interviews (with sales pitches and presentations needed) and also travel to the interview sites - plus an associated parking ticket from a hotel car park when invited by the interviewing company - which has to be appealed .. and an email address for the appeal which is not an accepted email address so more searching and input - very time consuming and yet a very acceptable part time job which would fit in with other self employed work very well.

More applications on a similar theme - teaching, tutoring, sales etc for some part-time or full time paye work which would then allow the Self Employment to be evenings and weekends.

Expenses were not paid for the interview which takes away from the incomings and increases costs for this month.

Its cool that it is apparently taking off - its the direction that is a tad in question with a Freelance Contract where lots of work was completed coming to nothing.