Wednesday, 9 August 2017

web-blog sewing patterns, (Fbk find) read Edecxel A2 History Spec, sortd android downloads, made desktop links to read online pic dictionary

checked 4 email accounts and online tutor agencies, checked bank.

5 Pages for Online Tuition 09.08.17

Checked OUP online info,  videos,  Picture Dictionary

Checked Duolingo
needs more time to put a good learning intranet together
An anti virus update is needed tutor and student.

Affiliates 08.08.17

info on Amazon email

2hrs sorting android and emails, good antenna earlier now on a slower one to 11pm-ish! 08.08.17

Just tested 3 in Nottingham NG8, UK: 3.6Mbps download, 0kbps upload, 77ms ping. Validated by

signal, cell tower, switching and which antena is being used -Open Signal app, stabilizer app 08.08.17

online tutoring with Tutorhunt online

combined with the OUP Teachers club.

History Intranet 09.08.17

5 pages for History started with links

4 pages need transfering from rep strain blog, done 09.08.17

Thursday, 3 August 2017