Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tutoring online agency update


With the exam season coming to a conclusion a reflection on the response from online and local agencies over this Summer is needed and one separate factor that has resulted in less active seeking and advertising has been the bureaucracy of Form filling that happens at the same time as the run up to exams.

On the same point, there's no category in the local papers to advertise easily.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

There must be a cheaper option for data time

The Three mobile mifi means it can be taken to students homes where they don't have a broadband or cable internet connection and that's cool but so many online resources take up lots of data - but students are used to seeing interactive whiteboard resources.  Power points and slideshows are cool but Business Studies for example is now heavily dependent on videos from you tube - although of course the text books for the units and workbooks are still much the best.

How to achieve mobile but cheap bband is research that's ongoing,  Every penny has to be carefully sorted through the summer months,

A focus for tutees over the summer to keep English and Maths going is a priority

Two New online tutor profiles in progress

Ad gone on Gumtree classes for revision workshops

The Summer and ongoing - a part time teaching post would help also

Applications gone via Hays and Total Jobs for some part time and some tutor freelance roles.

Artwork is ok but all internet is slow in the daytime

Using the Smartphone for Resources etc

It just isn't going to be an option despite all hopes that it would for preserving bband data costs.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Euro-in-out list added to Leisure&Tourism twitter

A list of 28 twitters created on my Leisure&Tourism twitter

The Story Apps just aren't ok

The colouring App will decorate lots of resources.

The 'take a photo' of a maths calc and the app works it out with details  APP from Googleplay is awesome.

Anything that will save on data charges is cool - this mandala has a dark blue frame but the colours are slightly different from the app and the saved pic.

Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show - and potentially art as a focus for Leisure and Tourism venues etc and the social media input - ie anyone can make one for a poster or advert.  Copyright issues may be relevant if its copied exactly to online downloadable print material.

3 hours finding Apps, checking info etc

It will of course become much swifter - once a few apps are evaluated, some theme decided on

Then it's all set for Phonic Decodable books and a set of Maths resources.

The workbooks are cool that are online but can be expensive.

That's KStage2 on the way.

Meanwhile b.a.t.r. (back at the ranch!) Business Studies and Economics and ICT are being planned.

Tes Resource Emporium plus a few other sale places may or may not be a cool idea!

Which Theme? Robin Hood?...

Adding more long term work - App Books, Resources

There's so much potential with new concepts in resource making...

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Changing Focus

Trying to look forward to the Summer break and factor in workplace type freelance contracts, as well as staying focused on Tutoring examination subjects and ongoing catch up English and Maths.

The problem is Agency temp or contact work but where they insist on PAYE for only a few weeks.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Completely Frazzled

I contravened my own timetable for working rules and am now in flaps-hapsi instead of steady progress: compounded by bureaucratic requirements... Just when it's least needed!

Plus studie's who only want one tuition session - the OCR case study info??? All students must work on this the same way as other parts of the Specification..
You do have a copy of the Specification we hope!

AS and A2 ICT in progress

Resources and Web-blog links

Resource Writing Phonics, Keystages 1-3

Also being created

Economics AS A2 for AQA and OCR including the Pre-release case study

All in progress with updates to