This web-blogspot is to keep updates of how the micro trading as QAAWyrd and QAA-Confidence business online information develops.

Essentially the plan was to create an online Business Plan for all the four main strands of the micro business that hopes to help the Aim Higher and Plan Higher concept for students, young people, adults who want to stay up to date and older folk in the local area - using online info and Tuition in their own home.

There are also Courses in their own home or an agreed location ie a Library or Community Centre (if micro business is ok) Talks, Demonstrations and Appreciation Days for how to use the Internet socially - basic info on all the Social Media sites and Buying Online, Pay Pal, Blogging, Digital Art and personal web info - rss feeds, pic collecting sites with info, ebay, etsy and much more.

There's also local childcare for the Over8s hoping to work with a couple or more families ie. ad hoc ChildCare if the regular childcarer needs days off etc.

There's an online presence building and hopefully linking to local advertising eventually.

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