Monday, 3 October 2016

Repetitive Strain and Food Intolerance, Allergy

Are simpler to manage when in the same regular work as a routine and plan plus the funds, salary or wage to buy such things as low chlorine bottled water and fruit juice as well as pay essential additional expenses eg vehicle or home upkeep arent compromised.

Hydrating properly is a must for rsi! First floor living means cold water stored in a tank as well as Cl and Sulphite, Fluoride problems and its just so important for the least circulation hassles if rsi has onset.

A steady, possible and planned work routine with routine food intake with no ingredient changes equals a life where rsi and food intolerance disappear as problematic factors of living.

It also means funds to pay for any heavy work.

How truly disabled or anaphylactic folk cope without possible work and career routines is unthinkable.

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