Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Lots of careful planning

To create a complicated resource,  possibly a complete teaching programme and schedule for delivery to education organisations and individuals together with marketing input, plus update on the new specifications and consider online tuition, possibly with some local radio advertising if it's not too expensive - or maybe with a sponsor linked in, is a huge task for this Summer.

Meanwhile the First Tutors online link is working well but despite lots of enquiries there isn't a takeup over the Summer 'at home' weeks.

Perhaps for next year some holiday courses in community centres for catching up basics and keeping Literacy and Numeracy skills on track through the long summer break, but that concept also needs a careful look at nearby 'competition' from agencies and companies.  Centre activity and grants etc.

There are many options, some of which are constrained by my own rsi-carpal tunnel hassles from working typing and in administration for so many years.

Results day this week for 2016 students!

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