Wednesday, 22 June 2016

New Resource long project

After revisiting the old AQA and the OCR Economics Spec's for this year's A2 and resits it's obvious that there is a vastly different focus from each of the examining boards and with the newer Specifications for exams in 2017 now being the only Specifications to work with there's a subtle shift to accommodate the latest Specification Modules. Linking the years of Economics Info (all the way from Samuelson!) to the new textbooks and teachers resources is yet another task.

Despite the fact that Governments change and with them the overview of how Academics deliver subject knowledge it is clear that the Economics subject itself doesn't change radically, so a resource covering the approved resource textbook 'bibles' teachers are currently used to working with and adding/linking old well known textbook pages to the new Specs/textbooks could be useful and may sell on TES Resources.

KTechnology of course changes, but seriously do we believe students will make notes from Video's at Home?

It's a long project for the summer and copyright needs checking; but how do kids learn without standard summaries and keyterms.

You can make PPF diagrams by using excel too; see this link for info.


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