Thursday, 30 June 2016

absolutely tired out - exams, download festi excess cl in water, referendum

Physically and mentally tired out and stressed -

(that's not really info for a blog other than food intolerances and excess chlorine following Download Festie (and not having enough to fork out for the diet alternatives) plus linking it to info for students who are taking exams)! It makes for physical imbalances from toxins

Then the Referendum and outrageous media mis truths and mis information mean finding better info to tweet (Tourism being important in the EMids and Nottingham - thats the Travel and Tourism info part of QAAConfidence/QAAWyrd)

plus other stress has equalled lots of work late at night-early morning (cheap electricity)

plus hassles over tethering wifi from an android not being possible on PAYG -

and no holiday to speak of for a few years all builds up to need to refocus and plan for the summer break and autumn term.  Possibly job applications.

Smile and keep going

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