Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Checking contract & Freelance daily

Typical Day: 'the nitty-gritty' for the unaware.

Email inbox, freelance and contract tutoring and Teaching work.

Checking new online tutor agency potential, Checking diary time for new tutees, working through a task list, especially to complete new online tuition agency profiles.                                              

Applying for suitable contracts 

Sorting the unsuitable options of being asked to sign as a temp-agency worker with no work or the wrong kind of work. (Reflecting that this can be a really negative move the potential for ending up losing out on what's just beginning to come together completely is a real possibility; especially if taking supply-contracts work for networking or assessment ideas via agencies who often advertise for freelance-commission work only for example but then the contractor wants to use PAYE but still with payment on ote on commission only.

If there's a charity fundraiser role where there's a future possibility of tutor work for example it seems a cool idea ie a daily rate ote could be included as self employed hours, but it seems not. These roles can't be included in the book-keeping/mini annual accounts and become PAYE so are no longer an option - last year this problem became a serious issue, still being resolved with the Inland Revenue ref tax etc.

Some applications for PAYE full time teaching roles are ok as the agency just receive a commission - these applications take a considerable time to complete.

Keeping up with agencies

Checking Online Tutor Profile emails and websites for potential new tutees, sending messages and information, replies to questions. Contacting the offline agency for updates.

Corresponding with Tutees and rescheduling or advising; the same with existing agencies. 

Keeping up to date with new resources
arriving via email updates

Business Studies
Travel & Tourism

Compiling resources that include any updates or new specifications info and planning for the next exam season, creating 4 week schedules of tuition sessions that make sense.

Tutoring Direct
Ensuring appearance ok eg hair, nails, clothes.
Resources collected together, text books, dangle, netbook and connector
Car checked

Reflecting after tuition for the next tuition hour.


Selling resources online.

Book-keeping, sorting commission payments, bill payments.

 Planning courses.


Tidying, cleaning space, personal appearance maintenance including washing and drying Tutoring clothes, any Interview clothes etc. Keeping the car washed and some shopping for essential upkeep items (tea coffee, not forgetting textbooks, also nail varnish and remover, personal and home workspace items) tidying vehicle and maintaining. 

Sorting pc backup and data tidying.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have a backup system in the sense of a weekly cleaning help ... Lots of folks have such help but that's a cost that can't be covered.

Managing Rsi and Carpal Tunnel: hands that click and drop things when they are worked with no rest because of years of typing are the reason for not working in Administration full time.

Oh more ideas for

Planning seasonal work and potential work.

All while the delayed age 60 pension isn't being paid. 40years plus contributions!!

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