Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Non Essential but useful - Flickr Link and other info

Flickr link on the Facebook

Checked the QAATuition Facebook page

Updated the Sherwood Forest Facebook page

Project planning the Freelance work

Applications for part-time work also in progress

These different strands are quite stressful in terms of balancing how to manage them all and cope with bureaucratic and employer timescales - in terms of part time jobs (the bread and butter but sporadic or not so well paid work) the employer always wants lots of weeks in hand before payment.

Ditto some freelance work - and then there are the questions on how to make sure the start up does not fail for these time delays in receiving payment.

Inland Revenue Self Assessment updated

If starting from absolute scratch with finance and no grants-funding there's a danger that any monies that do eventually come in and are only for one or two months - could upset the remaining year. 

 Hopefully as a small self employed business the whole input (apart perhaps from PAYE) can be balanced at the new tax year with the accounts.

All expenses must be counted in of course and accepted as part of the ability to become self sufficient financially over a planned time period and as a willingness to be part of the working world rather than constantly applying for PAYE work that isn't available for various reasons - age for example.

 Anyone who feels Self Employment is simple and means a less rigorous working lifestyle is mis-informed.  The stress and planning and need for every item of work and supporting systems to be completed personally with no organisation behind as support is exhausting and time consuming.  

It is recorded on the internet that partnerships are more likely to do well than an individual in self employment - but hey that's partly what the Virtual Assistant strand is all about....

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