Tuesday, 29 September 2015

New Phase:- Actual Enquiries

The 'New Phase'

Meetings with Companies for Part Time Work on Daily Rates with Expenses (sadly paid only at the end of the first month - potentially waiting five weeks for three weeks pay to last for a further four weeks ie nine weeks on three weeks hourly pay with expenses) and Travel each day - quite a problem if there isn't a partner working or resources in the bank.... potentially an advance would solve these kinds of problems.

Training Courses are similar for any particular part-time or contract work.

Tutoring enquires coming in and first meetings being arranged

Freelance work with local organisation/s being discussed

On an Accounting note - All recent expenditure needs to be recouped as soon as possible ... can internet and phone time be included for example.

A New page on the 'Infographic CV' so its readily available without having to email the information out.


Has a range of Contracts with suitable clauses been explored?

Information from the Inland Revenue under consideration too.  There is a Self Assessment and Self Employment login from previous era's!

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