Friday, 4 September 2015


A new blog was made as a Compromise - link below.

('IT'  refers to the blog - not Info Tech or nastiness - just had to be said)

It shows that there are area's of the small business that are different.

It shows the profiles

It keeps all the info in one place

It can talk to the younger generation who are used to Facebook Style input

It can talk to the folk who want more information via the Diary

It's possible to just find the Tuition Info

It's possible to just find the Tutoring Resource info

Its essentially how the pages of a website would be made and put together.

Its like an Intranet - and people are quite used to those.

It needs a few links adding in a list to useful info sites. (the ones on the individual blogs)

It might show amongst all the other QAAWyrd internet info and the Rubric might indicate to some people - read this first.

It's apparent it is all the other internet sites that are accepted.

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