Saturday, 26 November 2016

Disasterous Small College Self Employment - They Wanted A Set Of Resources

BTEC Business level 3 and 7

Another one lesson student English Language A level

Key stage 1 phonics and cursive handwritinf

Longer student doesnt cancel 24 hrs in front or doubleup lessons if late cancellation

So many resources made with such a small payment

There should be a more ethical way of treating tutors.

To add the resources to the TES shop,  mostly they are web-blogs and pocket or keep info collecting etc. Again it could compromise copywrite in three ways - on a different blog to permission given,  copyright handed to TES or downloads handed on via other shared info.

Phone sharing tethering all you can eat data when it would be better to tether to the pc.

A tough few weeks

All in annual accounts

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