Thursday, 25 February 2016

Freelance Work latest Info flying in on Emails and Advertising

Some Freelance Work may be possible - but there are so many pitfalls.

Its really important to think of time committments over the pay as home-working can be very exploitative, e.g. who pays for a phone line if the work is call centre from a home phone which has to be updated to a business line?

Is the small Sole Trader up against large organisations looking for contracts all over the world?



An Aussie site:-

Problems here can mean working on projects when a dozen other people are too with vastly superior resources- and only the favourite is picked for payment.

18M employers and freelancers globally is not cool for self employed micro micro business profit.

Affiliation might be a cool idea but there are other considerations.

Other similar websites

In short, if you are not an Agency and have little resources both technically, with programmes such as graphics and links to buy images etc - or even just in terms of person-power (manpower-womanpower)  to be able to continually bid for work and are a Self Employed micro micro one person sole trader - its really entering the world of the almost impossible!

Even the local College asked for Freelancers and after a couple of weeks worth of work sent in (which they deemed excellent) there was a conflict of what to call the resources and the contract was ended with no payment.  There were safety reasons for not labelling the work handed over with the title the College wanted - but they could have amended it once they had the completed work and done what they wished with it.

In short Freelance is very dubious unless there is some way of accessing work that is more local.

It is possible to advertise within a small area

and of course there is the local newspaper which is the usual advertising route, for Tuition an advert really needs to be sent into the local colleges and schools too.

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